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Educators & Administrators

Capture your students’ imagination and ignite their love for reading by joining the community-wide Reading Tree Challenge. Our grade-specific reading resources provide fun ideas, lesson plans and activities to keep your students excited and ready to read.

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Step 1
Sign Up

Create a free account to track books read.

Step 2

Encourage children to read books and use our activity guides for additional reading activities.

Step 3
Log Books

Log the number of books read and help your community reach the goal of 2 million books.

Step 4

Celebrate the opening of Gathering Place in late spring/summer of 2018 and visit the real Reading Tree!

How can my school participate?

School Administrators

Fill out our contact form and join this community-wide reading movement.

Public, Private & Homeschool Educators

Bring the love of reading and exploration into your classroom through The Reading Tree Challenge. Sign up now to track your classroom’s reading goals and have access to free resources and activities for grades kindergarten through 3rd.


Bring the Reading Tree to life by signing up and reading today.


Make reading part of every day, whether that’s with bedtime stories or family trips to the library.


Post photos of the fun on Instagram or Twitter using #GatherAndRead or to our Facebook.


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Challenger Benefits


Take advantage of our FREE in-class and at-home activities as part of teacher Classpacks and create an energetic reading environment.


Easily record books read in the classroom or at home through connected parent/guardian accounts.


Join your community’s reading movement! See Tulsa County’s progress as you log your class’s books and watch the tree sprout.


Our Classpacks were designed by teachers for teachers, with flexibility and ease of use in mind. The Reading Tree Challenge supports existing reading programs.

Easy to Use Reading Log. Quality Materials.


Can a student make their own account to track books?
Currently, the Reading Tree tracking system is only available for those 13 years and older. However, parents and guardians may add multiple children to their account to track younger readers’ goals and progress.
How does a homeschool/day school teacher or student participate?
Homeschool teachers and parents have access to all online materials. Homeschool/day school teachers can create an educator account to setup their classroom or choose to setup a parent account only to track your children’s progress. Resource and materials can be found here.
How do we become a participating school?
We’re so glad you asked! Individual classrooms are welcome to participate in the Challenge and leverage our free downloadable resources. If you are interested in enrolling your entire school, fill out our contact form and we will send you further information.