Help Us Read 2 million books!

Parents, Guardians & Caregivers

You are crucial to opening new worlds and introducing challenges into your child’s life through reading. This is why we’ve created free tools and resources just for you. Join us in inspiring the wonder of reading in children across Tulsa County.

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Step 1
Sign Up

Create a free account to track books read.

Step 2

Encourage children to read books and use our activity guides for additional reading activities.

Step 3
Log Books

Log the number of books read and help your community reach the goal of 2 million books.

Step 4

Celebrate the opening of Gathering Place in late spring/summer of 2018 and visit the real Reading Tree!

Ways To Participate

Parents, Guardians & Caregivers

Setting reading goals and tracking books for your children is easy. Use our online tool to add your children to your account, link them to their school or class or simply track your family’s progress.


Bring life to the Reading Tree by opening a book. You can read at home or in school with your teacher. Check with your teacher to see if your school is involved or would like to become involved in the Reading Tree Challenge.


Bring the Reading Tree to life by signing up and reading today.


Make reading part of every day, whether that’s with bedtime stories or family trips to the library.


Post photos of the fun on Instagram or Twitter using #GatherAndRead or to our Facebook.


Don’t miss the latest growth reports. Follow Gathering Place on  Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Challenger Benefits


Fun activities, unique challenges, and helpful tips are available for free to keep your family engaged and loving reading time.


Join others in your community and be part of the movement inspiring children to love reading.


Join your children on adventures as they explore unknown worlds. Reading with your children allows them to ask questions, learn and create unforgettable memories

Keep Kids Reading All Year Long!


How can I tell others about The Reading Tree Challenge?
We’re thrilled you’re excited to share this amazing, community-wide adventure into reading. Here are a few ways to get the word out.
  1. Share your experience on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using our hashtag #GatherAndRead
  2. Talk about the Challenge with your friends and show them your excitement.
  3. Talk about the Challenge with your child(ren)’s teacher and get their school involved.
Do you share my or my child's information with anyone?
We do not share any information. All personal information will be kept private and is used only to track progress toward our 2 million books goal. See our full privacy policy.
How does a homeschool/day school teacher or student participate?
Homeschool teachers and parents have access to all online materials. Homeschool/day school teachers can create an educator account to setup their classroom or choose to setup a parent account only to track your children’s progress. Resource and materials can be found here.