The Reading Tree Has Grown Its Leaves!

WE DID IT! The magical Reading Tree is completely full of fresh leaves! With the help of Tulsa County kids, the goal to read 2 million books before the Park opens was met. But, we can't stop reading now. Park Ambassador Ariana is challenging Tulsa kids to read even more books. Keep up the great work and we'll see you September 8!

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The Reading Tree Story

Meet Ariana and learn about the magic of the Reading Tree and why it needs Tulsa County children to grow its leaves before the park’s opening in late spring/summer 2018.

Take  The Reading Tree Challenge today! Help Tulsa County children read 2 million books before late spring/summer 2018. Based on the real Reading Tree, the largest and oldest cottonwood tree at Gathering Place, the challenge ignites a child’s imagination to find the power and wonder in reading. With teachers, educators, and families working together, we can inspire the next generation to marvel at the worlds that await them from page to page.



Reading Madness

See how Tulsa schools are faring in our March Reading Madness tournament. #BookBallers

Activities & Resources

Use these inspirational and detailed activity guides to unlock the wonder of reading.

First Look Field Trips

K-3 students from Tulsa County schools got to visit the playground. See what they had to say,  here.